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Preserving The Past: Exterior Painting Services in Delaware Ohio

Roxanne Amidon is passionately committed to preserving the architecture and historical integrity of Delaware, Ohio’s Northwest Neighborhood. In 2018, when she started her design and remodeling firm, she chose Final Touch Painting as her exterior painting company to take care of her clients, and preserve the historic beauty of Delaware’s landmark, turn-of-the-century homes for years to come.

Final Touch Painting is committed to restoring and preserving the historic beauty of these turn of the century homes. Their attention to detail with these older houses has carried beyond Delaware and into Columbus’s historic neighborhoods like German Village, Italian Village, Clintonville, Upper Arlington more.

Any homeowner who wants to increase their property value, and take its visual appeal to new heights should consider exterior painting services from Final Touch Painting. For over 15 years, our team has produced results that keep homes healthy, looking their best, and help maintain or increase value.
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