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Light Carpentry Repairs

Revitalize Your Exterior Surfaces Before YOu Paint

Preserving and restoring your interior and exterior wood fixtures is a skill set that few painting companies possess. Most companies don’t have team members who are skilled enough to do quality work on complex wood repairs. Our teams have years of carpentry experience that is necessary to effectively handle rotting wood or other damages to your windows, soffits and facia, door trim, porch rails, decks, or other outdoor wooden fixtures.

Why Carpentry Repair Matters

Do The Job Right The First Time

When it comes down to it, the end results of any paint job depend on the surface condition before and after being coated. Exterior carpentry can make all the difference in making sure wooden features are appropriately prepared to provide a quality, lasting finish.


The sad truth is that many painters will just paint over rotting wood because they are either going too fast or don’t know of the dangers of wood rot. The bottom line is that wood rot has to be removed to prevent further spread. That is why our team can remove, replace, and repaint rotted wood seamlessly.


One of the easiest ways to maintain or increase your home’s value is by investing in its outward appearance. Wood fixtures such as your front porch, deck, or even window trim can go a long way in increasing appraisal value or attracting potential buyers when in their best possible condition.

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